Specializing in CNC Turning and Milling Services

Our core focus is CNC machining. We offer turning and milling solutions to fit your design intent. Our equipment includes basic turning centers and vertical machining centers as well as more complex live-tooling turning and horizontal machining centers that offer greater flexibility. By matching the best type of machine to an operation lets us meet both quality and cost targets.

Many components have simple assembly operations that we can handle for you. This will save you steps at your facility and allow you to buy a pre-assembled part. This may allow for a reduction in your inventory so you are only buying what you need when you need it.

We partner with many other companies that specialize in outsourced processes that we do not offer. Just as with assembly, this can be a cost savings opportunity for your company. If you have specific suppliers that you have approved, we are happy to start a relationship and add them to our system.

Variety of Materials

We work with a wide variety of materials — standard steels, cast iron (gray and ductile), hardened steels, aluminum, bronze and brass, nylons, and plastics.

Customer Requirements

We strive to meet all of your requirements. This may include special packaging, labeling, barcodes, and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) interaction.

On-Time Delivery

We strive to keep reserve capacity to maintain our excellent delivery record. Our goal is 100% on-time delivery. We work closely with you to provide product when you need it.

Providing Value

Value isn’t always the lowest price. We do our best to offer a best total cost solution. Our goal is to offer high quality at a competitive cost.

Customer Feedback

Your satisfaction is important to us. We value your feedback and enjoy building a relationship. We use customer feedback in many areas to drive continual improvement.

Award-Winning Service

By exceeding our customer expectations, we’ve received many awards for great customer service over the years. We know that we are doing things right and strive to continually improve.