About Us

Your Reliable Source of Precision Metal Parts and More

Joyce Walter


Over 30 years of small business ownership. Founded Ameritec Machining, Inc. in 1992 with her late husband, Richard.

Kimberly Walter


10 years of experience with human resources and safety. Working with employees to manage benefits has helped to develop teamwork.

Jason Walter

Vice President

Over 20 years experience in machining with 15 years experience in management, ISO-9001 implementation, customer relations, and quoting.

About Us

Ameritec Machining, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Richard and Joyce Walter. We started with a handful of employees in a 2,800 square foot facility. In 1994, we moved to our current location, which was 26,500 square foot at the time. In 1997, we added 10,500 sq. ft. of assembly and warehouse space that included two docks. In 2009, we added 10,000 sq. ft. of dedicated warehouse along with two more docks.

Our 2012 expansion included a 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing area

As well as expanding our warehouse by 7,500 sq. ft. We also took the opportunity to install updated AC/Heating units for employee comfort, humidity control, and the ability to hold tighter tolerances.

Our focus is customer satisfaction. All areas of our business have some effect on meeting customer expectations.

Our quality policy is:

Ameritec Machining, Inc. provides customers with high-quality product, on-time delivery, and continual process improvement.

Providing a high-quality product is our number one concern when producing parts for our customers. To help plan, execute, and measure quality, our quality system is certified to meet ISO-9001:2015 standards.

Getting the right part, at the right time, to the right place helps our customers run their operations smoothly and efficiently. Many different parameters are measured in order to drive continual improvement of our system. We share these quality objectives with our team and provide them with information as to what they can do to help meet the goals. Also, we appreciate feedback from customers to ensure we are meeting your needs.

Customer Focus:

Providing cost-effective solutions for customers is our goal. When we provide a high-quality product on time to a customer for every order they place, we strengthen a relationship that keeps customers returning with more projects. We would always like to have feedback from you on anything that can help us serve our customers in a better way. Our company is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Investing in the Future:

Whether it is expanding our facility or updating equipment, we strive to exceed customer expectations. Having a facility that offers room for growth allows for efficient use of space while keeping things organized. Updated lighting throughout the older parts of the building and making use of the most current lighting technologies when expanding has not only resulted in positive comments from customers, but also increased employee comfort. Updating equipment allows us to remain competitive. Investing in high-quality CNC machines is one key area that we credit with aiding in providing precision parts on a consistent basis.

Family Owned and Operated:

We try to translate our family culture throughout our organization. Having multiple generations involved in the business brings different views and allows for a diverse set of ideas to generate the best solution to any issue. Seeing everyone succeed is our goal. We hold meetings to pass along company updates and let our employees know that they are directly responsible for pleasing not just our customer, but the end user of a product. When we all have this same goal in mind, it’s teamwork at its best.